Adhesive invisible bra

Adhesive invisible bra

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Ref. Marbet 165 . Made in Italy

I (± CM75) -II (± CM85) – III (± CM95) – IV (± CM105)

Minimum bulk and maximum yield, the adhesive bra discreetly covers and shapes the silhouette, becoming an accomplice of a seductive look. It’s available:

  • In four sizes: I – II – III – IV
  • Free from substances or dyes harmful to the skin
  • Total absence of seams
  • In natural nude colour
  • With hypoallergenic and breathable adhesive

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Instead of the traditional bra, with relative bulk and adjustments, you can use the Self-Adhesive Bra, made up of two half-moons in TNT, which adhere to the breast with an extremely thin and breathable product.

The Adhesive Bra wraps and covers the breast with two half-moons made of thin non-woven fabric. An acronym for non-woven fabric, a soft, non-toxic and hypoallergenic material, particularly fine, which when applied gives the effect of a second skin. Dresses with bare shoulders and back can be worn covering only the surface of the breast, with a product that remains invisible in both thickness and colour.


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