Pins, 0.65 x 26mm, silver-coloured, 500g

Pins, 0.65 x 26mm, silver-coloured, 500g

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  • Ref. Prym 011204

  • For pin work on fine materials

  • Brass pins with grip-friendly head

  • Fully rust-free brass

  • Colours: silver

£33.00 ex VAT

These brass pins are exceptionally suitable for pinning work on blouses, shirts, and curtains made of fine fabric. The pins have a burr-free, small metal head that serves as a grip-friendly pressure surface. They are fully made of rust-free brass and predominantly coated in silver. Their fine tip allows them to easily penetrate fabric without affecting the fibres. Prym sells these pins for domestic needs in small, plastic storage canisters and in large packages of 500 units for professional dressmakers.


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