Prym Bag Bottom Sarah 48x15cm

Prym Bag Bottom Sarah 48x15cm

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  • Ref. Prym 615945

  • Bag bottom for individual bag design

  • Natural material

  • Ideal for bag bottom reinforcement

  • Brief instructions on the rear side of the packaging

£9.50 ex VAT

These bag bottoms with a trendy, natural look puts the finishing touches on self-sewn bags. Whether it’s shopping bags or a cool beach bag: This trendy, braided bag bottom is available in different versions – allowing beginners and advanced users alike to create their new bag in a very customised fashion. To do so, the bag bottom is simply sewn onto the bag material. And, for assistance, the back of the bag bottom’s packaging contains step-by-step instructions. Prym-brand straw bag bottoms are made of exceptionally-stable natural material, are naturally beautiful, and provide each bag with the required support.


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