Prym Ball Of Wool Holder

Prym Ball Of Wool Holder

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  • Ref. Prym 611862
  • Wool holder made from plastic
  • Slot ensures smooth unwinding of the wool
  • The ball of wool is easy to insert

£3.09 ex VAT

Simply practical: Whether you knit or crochet, this wool holder guarantees the smooth unwinding of your ball of wool. This is ensured by the round slot on the lid with its smooth edge. The ball of wool stays where it is put and no longer rolls away. The lower part is the well-known Prym blue, but the practical upper part has been left transparent, so that you can keep track at all times of the amount of wool left in the ball. Once the ball is used up, it is easy to unscrew the wool holder and insert a new ball. Made from sturdy plastic, it is impressively stable and easy to transport thanks to its braided cord.

Ref. Prym 611862


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