Prym ball-point sewing needles for jersey, No. 5-9

Prym ball-point sewing needles for jersey, No. 5-9

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  • Prym 121820

  • Ball-point sewing needles for jersey fabrics

  • For finely woven, knitted, warp-knitted, and stretchy material

  • Needles made of hardened, rust-protected steel

  • Sizes: No. 5-9

£1.33 ex VAT

Ball-point sewing needles for sewing jersey/stretchy fabrics have an exceptionally-rounded, spherical tip. It is especially recommended that they are used in finely-woven, knitted, warp-knitted, and stretchy material. This special tip pushes apart the respective webbing threads when inserted into the fabric and does not splice it. As a result, fabric damage caused by stitching holes, thread pullers, or ladders can be effectively prevented. These needles are made of hardened steel and have a burr-free embossed eye. These ball-point sewing needles are available in assortments of 10 in sizes no. 5-9.


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