Prym Loom Rectangular Maxi

Prym Loom Rectangular Maxi

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  • Ref. Prym624158
  • For creating patterned rectangles made of wool
  • Personal design options through wrapping and knotting
  • For rectangles with a width of 11 cm and a length ranging from 22 cm to 46 cm
  • Includes 50 wooden pegs, wool needles, and instructions


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Loom MAXI is proof of the fact that wool can not only be use for knitting or crocheting. This high-quality wooden board with 50 freely-attachable wooden pegs offers maximum creativity options in three steps. A rectangular pattern 11 cm wide and 22 cm to 46 cm long is created through wrapping, clever knotting, and stitching down the wool. The created rectangles are then attached to a pillow case, bedsheets, a poncho, and much more. This patented invention allows for ultra-creative and personalised creation with various different yarns and wools. The loom MAXI by Prim contains a plastic wool needle to easily sew yarn ends along with a comprehensive instruction manual.

Ref. Prym624158


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