Waistband Soft Elastic 38mm, 29 colours

Waistband Soft Elastic 38mm, 29 colours

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This elastic is soft enough to sit directly against skin, for example on a skirt waistband and also good for belts, a vast range of textile projects including skirts, dresses, bags, notice boards, hats, sandals, tops & more.
These elastic tapes in various colours can be used in a versatile manner and let your creativity run free – whether they’re decoratively sewn onto jersey materials, as visible leg cuffs on jogging trousers, or as a patch on trousers, skirts, or bags. Using simple tools, espadrilles, tablet & mobile phone cases and many other stylish accessories can be personalised and even picture frames, invitation cards, or bracelets can be decorated. This soft, elastic waistband is available in various colours, is washable at up to 40 degrees, and is suitable for tumble drying.
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